A Dance In The Leaves

Have you ever found yourself fixated on a person, where you just can't take your eyes off of them? I swear, my friend's daughter (now plural) is simply stunning. It could be the locks of shiny, white-gold hair pulled up into a "sprout", or her piercing blue eyes, or maybe it's her sweet yet slightly mischievous personality. When we were pregnant together, (with my first and her second) I harassed her, begging to take pictures of little Miss M.  

This fall, we had a few warm and sunny days before the snow started to fly. Knowing that the clouds would soon be bring mounds of snow to the valley it became a priority to soak in some of those fleeting moments outside, without a pile of down adhered to your body. With the weather still cooperating, (and after two long pregnancies and deliveries) we were all finally able to take a walk in the sun and dance in the leaves. 

With babies strapped to both of our chests, my friend and I ventured out so that I may capture this little towhead of hers in all of her glory. How magical would it be to run through the tall grasses when you're just two feet tall? 

This one of my favorites from our outing.

Towhead, Tall Grass, & Tetons

Here are a few more of Miss M's images.


"She makes the day brighter, she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." - Kate Spade

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