An Astounding Distraction

Today, is the 12th of August. It is my deadline for the 12.12.12. project that I have now missed five months in a row (insert stomach drop here). My negligence isn't {just} due to a lack of creativity, or recent work, or time to devote; my life recently took an incredible turn. I have begun a new adventure, a detour of sorts, one that changed my life almost at conception and then shocked me like an earthquake that came nearly five weeks earlier than anticipated; I have become a mother. 

Please allow me to introduce to you "Liv". She is my small but mighty distraction with whom I will place a temporary blame on for my absence in most areas of life. However, I will soon thank her, for she is becoming my muse. She is the little life that is refilling my creative tank and shining light in places within me that I never knew were dark.