BORN & RAISED in Jackson Hole, WY.

MARRIED to a full-time financial advising, southern gentleman; part-time outdoor enthusiast, and funny man.

MAMA to two little peanuts who are the butter to my jelly.

MY PERFECT DAY would include discovering and creating beautiful things: a trail run among the wildflowers, clay covered hands and a spinning pottery wheel, the gleam of wet paint on canvas, putting heartfelt words to paper, a moment of perfect light and my camera to capture it; topped off with a lingering meal, a full glass of wine, and belly laughs shared with good company.

MY JOURNEY from Seton Hall University to the University of Wyoming, from the beaches of Thailand to the top of the Eiffel Tower, from working in medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine to designing and building my own home, my life experiences have not only enriched me but have also magnified what I give to the people in my life: friends, family, and clients alike.

LESSONS LEARNED from my sweet labrador, Maui, have taught me to remain loyal, love without abandon, and that there isn't anything better than a long hike and a swim in a cool mountain lake.